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Frequently Asked Questions


Got some fresh questions for us?


  1. Q:

    I have a question or a complaint about EXTRA who do I contact?


    Our Consumer Care team would love to help you with any questions or comments and you can reach them by filling out the form below.

  2. Q:

    I’m having trouble finding my favourite product at my usual shop. Help!  


    Our product range varies between stores and locations, and our Consumer Care team would love to help. You can reach out to them by filling out the form below.

  3. Q:

    As a small retailer, can I purchase your products directly? 


    While we are not set up for direct or bulk sales to small retailers, we know that a confectionery wholesaler will be able to help. You can find their contact details by searching the internet for local confectionery wholesalers in your area.

  4. Q:

    Do you have product samples?


    Sorry, we don't offer samples or free products.